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Tampa Crossroads - SSVF - EHA


5109 N Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603

(813) 238-8557 x300



Housing assistance-Prevention/Rapid Re-housing; Supportive services to veterans and veteran families homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless.


Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Intake Process:

Prescreening over the phone or in office; Assessment for eligibility including income, current housing status, and veteran eligibility status.




Must meet eligibility requirements for veteran and/or veteran families of the SSVF program.

The basic eligibility requirements for the SSVF program according to VA guidelines are as follows:

1. Member of a Veteran Family: A Veteran family is defined as a single person or a family in which the head of household or the spouse of the head of household is a Veteran. A Veteran is defined as having served at least 1 day of active duty with an above dishonorable discharge. A DD214 or VA letter is required for eligibility determination and documentation.

2. Very Low-Income: Household income does not exceed 50% of Area Median Income (AMI). Documentation of income is required for eligibility determination.

3. Occupying Permanent Housing: Either (a) are residing in permanent housing; (b) are homeless and scheduled to become a resident of permanent housing within 90 days pending the location or development of housing suitable for permanent housing; or, (c) have exited permanent housing within the previous 90 days to seek other housing that is responsive to the needs and preferences of the household.

**A Pre-Screening can be done over the phone to determine basic eligibility.

Handicap Accessible?


Is Shelter?



Monetary donation assistance to help cover child care costs for our participants is an ongoing need. We gladly accept automobiles, trucks & boats in working condition. The sale of vehicles helps to support our programs and assist our clients. Tampa Crossroads is a 501-C(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers with trucks are needed on an ongoing basis to help with transportation of donated furniture and other furnishings for veterans and veteran families who are being assisted with moving into permanent housing. Such donations often come with the contingency that we pick-up the item, so this is a valuable service that we cannot provide without the assistance of volunteers.

Address Listings

Physical (Primary)

5109 N Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603


Marie Galbraith

Program Manager

(813) 238-8557 x301


Sara Romeo


(813) 238-8557 x102


Phone Numbers

Main Office

(813) 238-8557 x300

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  • Florida
    • Hillsborough County
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